Our Parallel Flange Channel (PFC) are either primed in zinc rich primer or hot dip galvanised. Steel Builders can cut to length and drill holes for timber fixing, all online!


Parallel flange channels are more commonly known as PFC or C-section. A PFC is a vital part of the structural steels used in the construction of buildings and large-scale steel fabrications.

Available in grade S355 with some of the smaller sizes being offered as S235 if required.

Parallel Flange Channel Benefits

The PFC is praised for its ability to provide increased strength and durability to steel projects. Typically used as columns or as support for floor joists and have a highly desirable load bearing profile. You may also find PFCs used in conjunction with RSJ steel beams, universal columns and all forms of structural steel.

Full ‘cut to size’ service available on all sections with the option of shot blast and primer painting (red oxide).

Certified to British/EU Specification

Parrallel Flange Channels or ‘C-section’ as they are sometimes known as, range in sizes from 76 x 38mm upto 430 x 100mm. We can cut these to length as required or we can supply lengths ranging from 6000mm up to 18000mm.


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