Galintel J-Bar shelf beam is the ideal solution for either double brick or brick veneer with timber trusses. The J-Bar was developed as an economical substitute for built-up sections such as parallel flange channel & plate.

Galintel J-Bar is up to 20% lighter than built-up steel sections of equivalent load capacity & with Header & Bottom Flange pre-drilled makes for easy timber fixing & column connection.

Size & Stock Length Guide:
260/90 mm (v) x 200/10 mm (b) 310/90 mm (v) x 200/10 mm (b)
4200 4500
4500 4800
4800 5100
5100 5400
5400 5700
5700 6000
6000 6300

* (V) is the vertical section dimension, (B) is the base section dimension.

  • Convenient, economical substitute for built-up steel sections such as parallel flange channel and plate.
  • Innovative & efficient design.
  • Up to 20% lighter than built-up steel sections of equivalent load capacity.
  • Off the shelf solution available in a standard range of lengths.
  • Fully Hot Dip Galvanised in accordance with AS/NZS4680.
  • Achieves R3 Durability Rating in accordance with AS/NZS2699.3.
  • Compliant with relevant Australian Building Codes & Australian Standards.
  • Fully engineered & university tested.
  • Australian Designed & Manufactured.
  • Full product warranty.
  • Labelled & bar coded.
  • Superior performance
  • Easy transportation, storage and handling
  • Long life and durability
  • Cost effective
  • Easy identification
  • Peace of mind
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