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Benefits Of Steel Frames & Trusses

Completely Termite Proof

Termite-infestation is very common in Australia and costs millions of dollars to home owners every year. Steel frames and trusses are completely termite proof, saving you costly inspections as well as giving you peace of mind about the health of your structure.

Fire Safe

A house made with timber frame can catch fire easily, making it vulnerable to damage. As non-combustible metal, Steel is not easily damaged by fire. So, Steel Frames & Trusses are a better choice for Australian climate which is prone to fire hazards and thereby ensures greater safety.

Strong & Durable

Timber frames are susceptible to a host of structural and measurement issues such as shrinking, warping, cracks and bowing of walls, among others. Top quality engineering by us and steel’s natural properties eliminate all problems linked to timber frames in construction of homes. long run

Environment friendly

All steel frame works are easily recyclable and can be recycled without degradation or loss of properties, making Steel Frames & Trusses a great environment-friendly option.

Cost effective

Compared to other materials, Steel Frames & Trusses are more cost effective because initial cost is quite competitive as well as maintenance cost in the long run. Besides, the price of steel is more stable than other alternative materials.

Design Flexibility

We see more and more new concepts in house designs these days. Superior structural strength of steel frames allows architects to innovate and develop creative ideas which look great and are easier to execute as well. Steel frames can be used for every home style from traditional to ultramodern and low cost to luxury.

Fast & Easy

Being lightweight and precision engineered, steel frames can be supplied to the exact length and therefore, reducing onsite works of other trades. Pre-punched holes for plumbing and electrical wiring save more time and effort. More importantly, workers can be easily trained to work with steel frame and assembling is much easier and quicker.

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At Steel Frames & Trusses, we procure world class quality steel from TRUECORE® giving you one of the most reliable products in the industry. Prefabricated and accurate, frames made with the inner strength of TRUECORE® steel are straight and true resulting in strong lines and a beautiful finish.

Our frames for every project are individually engineered which results in faster installation, minimum wastage and of course, less worry for the homeowner, builder and architect. TRUECORE® steel is made by BlueScope, the manufacturers of COLORBOND® steel. TRUECORE® steel is made to all relevant Australian standards and tested for quality and consistency.

How is that for peace of mind?

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